Rob Jones will uphold and protect the United States Constitution, including the right to free speech, right to bear arms and the right to due process.

Rob was a student at Virginia Tech in 2007 when 32 innocent Hokies were taken from us too soon. He has seen firsthand the importance of keeping firearms out of the hands of people capable of such atrocities and knows that Congress has failed its duty to the American people through its inaction on this issue. Congress can and must do more to defend innocent lives.

In doing so, protecting the right of Americans to defend themselves is absolutely critical. Congress must respect the guarantee of the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment, the protections of due process in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments and the federal government’s responsibility to provide for the common defense of its citizens.

Rob Jones is personally pro-life in all circumstances. He believes the federal government should make exceptions in the most extreme cases, such as rape, and death of the mother.

If Rob has learned one lesson since being wounded, it is that life must be given a chance to grow, and have a future. Everything he holds dear in his own life is a result of his having given it that chance.

Rob believes that life begins the moment that it is able to latch on to the environment that it needs to survive. The federal government, and all people, have a responsibility to protect that life to their utmost ability so that it can have a future.

Rob believes in ensuring our veterans, and all Americans, have total control over their health care options.

He has seen first hand how a socialist-style, government-controlled system has deteriorated health care for his fellow veterans. While the VA Mission Act has begun to restore choice for veterans, he believes it’s imperative that we learn from these mistakes by preventing a government-takeover of our healthcare system. Moreover, as somebody with pre-existing conditions, he knows how important it is to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality care.

The mandates created by Obamacare have caused costs to skyrocket, while quality of care and access to care have declined. Rob believes the best way to reverse these damaging effects is to restore the free market to healthcare. Rob plans to support the following changes to increase care while reducing costs:

  • Make health savings accounts more flexible and accessible, including doubling the maximum deposit limit and expanding the allowable tax-free uses.
  • Protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Ensure transparency of price for treatment
  • Prevent prescription drug price-gouging
  • Increase choice and flexibility for consumers by ensuring that health insurance can be purchased across state lines
  • Support life-saving research into cancer, Alzheimer’s and other life-changing diseases.
  • Combat the opioid epidemic by improving care options and preventing the flow of illegal drugs across the border

It took Rob Jones and his wife, Pam, 18 months, and cost them roughly $2,000 to successfully receive Pam’s green card from USCIS.

Rob knows first hand that legal immigrants are a benefit to our country, which is why we must remain steadfast against illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Rob believes we should take action in the following ways:

  • Secure our southern border through region-specific means such as building a physical barrier, increasing CBP personnel and investing in technology.
  • Utilize E-Verify and “Social Security No-Match” to significantly reduce unlawful employment.
  • Create a simplified, merit-based visa program that gives immigrants of all skill levels a chance to be an American, while also honoring immediate family connections.
  • Reform the asylum program, infrastructure, and standard operating procedures to defend against abuse, while also ensuring that the United States maintains its moral compass.
  • Create a permanent solution for Dreamers and solve the status of TPS holders.

Rob grew up on Georges Mill Farm in Lovettsville, a farm that has been in his family for 8 generations.

Today, Rob’s wife Pam runs a small vegetable business on their farm in Middleburg. As a child, Rob learned his work ethic by cleaning horse stalls, stacking hay bales and maintaining miles of fencing. While he wasn’t doing farm work, he enjoyed the many benefits that farm life provided, spending time in the woods, riding his dirt bike and exploring the seemingly countless acres of land. He has a strong passion for ensuring that his children, and all future generations are able to do the same.

Rob believes that the best way to preserve Virginia’s farmland is to support and defend Virginia’s farmers. He believes the best way to do this is to reduce the stringent government regulations that make it harder for farmers to do what they love: sow the Earth, raise animals and sell their produce. Working together, Rob is committed to protecting our environment, natural resources and those who make a living cultivating our land.

In Congress, Rob Jones will prioritize improving quality of life in Northern Virginia by relieving traffic congestion and improving infrastructure.

He will approach this mission with the goal of keeping 21st century standards, while ensuring that the rural nature of our community is maintained. Being a native of Lovettsville, Rob has experienced firsthand the stress of sitting in traffic congestion on 66, 495, I-81, Route 9 and Route 7. He’s also experienced the frustration of trying to find fast, reliable cell coverage and internet connectivity.

Rob cannot stand the thought that the daily lives of the people from his home are affected by such stresses and frustrations. Therefore, his first task after being elected will be securing a spot on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee so that he can pursue funding for infrastructure and conservation projects in Virginia.

Finally, having spent his childhood growing up on a farm and enjoying the blessings of wide open, natural areas, Rob finds it to be of the utmost importance that this farmland and the district’s natural areas are preserved for future generations. In Congress, he will prioritize conservation and our environment.