Implement Immigration Reform

It took Rob Jones and his wife, Pam, 18 months, and cost them roughly $2,000 to successfully receive Pam’s green card from USCIS.

Rob knows first hand that legal immigrants are a benefit to our country, which is why we must remain steadfast against illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Rob believes we should take action in the following ways:

  • Secure our southern border through region-specific means such as building a physical barrier, increasing CBP personnel and investing in technology.
  • Utilize E-Verify and “Social Security No-Match” to significantly reduce unlawful employment.
  • Create a simplified, merit-based visa program that gives immigrants of all skill levels a chance to be an American, while also honoring immediate family connections.
  • Reform the asylum program, infrastructure, and standard operating procedures to defend against abuse, while also ensuring that the United States maintains its moral compass.
  • Create a permanent solution for Dreamers and solve the status of TPS holders.