Improve Quality of Healthcare

Rob believes in ensuring our veterans, and all Americans, have total control over their health care options.

He has seen first hand how a socialist-style, government-controlled system has deteriorated health care for his fellow veterans. While the VA Mission Act has begun to restore choice for veterans, he believes it’s imperative that we learn from these mistakes by preventing a government-takeover of our healthcare system. Moreover, as somebody with pre-existing conditions, he knows how important it is to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality care.

The mandates created by Obamacare have caused costs to skyrocket, while quality of care and access to care have declined. Rob believes the best way to reverse these damaging effects is to restore the free market to healthcare. Rob plans to support the following changes to increase care while reducing costs:

  • Make health savings accounts more flexible and accessible, including doubling the maximum deposit limit and expanding the allowable tax-free uses.
  • Protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Ensure transparency of price for treatment
  • Prevent prescription drug price-gouging
  • Increase choice and flexibility for consumers by ensuring that health insurance can be purchased across state lines
  • Support life-saving research into cancer, Alzheimer’s and other life-changing diseases.
  • Combat the opioid epidemic by improving care options and preventing the flow of illegal drugs across the border