Support and Defend Farmers

Rob grew up on Georges Mill Farm in Lovettsville, a farm that has been in his family for 8 generations.

Today, Rob’s wife Pam runs a small vegetable business on their farm in Middleburg. As a child, Rob learned his work ethic by cleaning horse stalls, stacking hay bales and maintaining miles of fencing. While he wasn’t doing farm work, he enjoyed the many benefits that farm life provided, spending time in the woods, riding his dirt bike and exploring the seemingly countless acres of land. He has a strong passion for ensuring that his children, and all future generations are able to do the same.

Rob believes that the best way to preserve Virginia’s farmland is to support and defend Virginia’s farmers. He believes the best way to do this is to reduce the stringent government regulations that make it harder for farmers to do what they love: sow the Earth, raise animals and sell their produce. Working together, Rob is committed to protecting our environment, natural resources and those who make a living cultivating our land.