Prioritize Transportation and Infrastructure

In Congress, Rob Jones will prioritize improving quality of life in Northern Virginia by relieving traffic congestion and improving infrastructure.

He will approach this mission with the goal of keeping 21st century standards, while ensuring that the rural nature of our community is maintained. Being a native of Lovettsville, Rob has experienced firsthand the stress of sitting in traffic congestion on 66, 495, I-81, Route 9 and Route 7. He’s also experienced the frustration of trying to find fast, reliable cell coverage and internet connectivity.

Rob cannot stand the thought that the daily lives of the people from his home are affected by such stresses and frustrations. Therefore, his first task after being elected will be securing a spot on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee so that he can pursue funding for infrastructure and conservation projects in Virginia.

Finally, having spent his childhood growing up on a farm and enjoying the blessings of wide open, natural areas, Rob finds it to be of the utmost importance that this farmland and the district’s natural areas are preserved for future generations. In Congress, he will prioritize conservation and our environment.